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This treasure was and still is the American Dream.

A toast well known in any large American city with a significant Black population is "Shine and the Titanic." This toast relates the heroic efforts of an old Black stoker to warn of the ship's impending disaster, but when ignored, he strives to save himself. The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage in 1912, during the Jim Crow days when Blacks were not allowed as passengers.

Teens in America are now for a different life that leads to success.

Jefferson Parish recently announced the recruitment of 60 Filipino teachers to its school system. On their arrival, established Filipino-Louisianans rushed to welcome the new residents and provide them with furniture and household items. In this way, the community absorbs new members and helps them to adapt, and the connection with newcomers just arrived from the islands serves to reinforce cultural identity and ties to the homeland. Lydia Alvarez, who is active with the Philippine-American United Council of Louisiana (PAUCLA) as well as other Philippine organizations, describes how the community welcomed some new arrivals:

This report will present more information on this subject....

I had no reason to think that attending this party would put me in a life-threatening situation.

This skewing of the and vowels between the Britishand American systems is typically seen only before the consonant phonemes , , and (, ,and ), as can be seen in the chart of OtherExamples in article, comparing the blue items with those in the preceding column.

For most of those who still make this three-way distinction, the vowel sound used is that shown at the top of the column in each case. However, for those who have one or the other of the mergers, the situation is somewhat complicated, and North American speakers and most others fall into five groups, as shown in the chart below.

Living life in American Samoa is more unique from other countries.

Even if it may seem a bit fake to some people this has made a lot of impact in my life.

In addition to those who established the early fishing villages, there have been further waves of immigration from the Philippines. These include soldiers who had fought alongside American troops against the Japanese, and a newer ongoing emigration that began after the Immigration Act of 1965, which allows for as many as 20,000 Filipinos each year to resettle in the U.S. This wave, largely comprising college students, military families, and professionals, is sometimes referred to in the islands as a "brain drain" that enriches the United States (Cordova 1983).

In thinking about this brief essay I could not help but think of a longer one by Doctor Bob at that cannot stop itself from taking the next step down into the pit; its people driven, as “reasonable” people always are, by the inexorable demands of “what is reasonable.”

This was another experiment/ lifestyle change I doubted I could ever pull off....
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My essay will be focusing mainly on the theme of heroism.

(clip starts at 5:48) Older r-dropper retaining . I had made the assumption that she was from Greenville, but says she is from rural Wake County. She clearly drop r’s, and it is unclear whether she has Tidewater raising: the only test word is “out”, which she only says once, and it goes by rather fast, but it does sound . This only messes up my map! It would have been simpler if she were from Greenville! Instead, I will treat her as an older speaker retaining older features.

However, American’s have not adapted to this concept kindly.

(Her first clip starts at 22:20.) Unlike the other two speakers featured on this video, both of whom speak Inland Southern, this speaker is African American, and, as is usual for older African Americans in the South, speaks Lowland Southern, in fact speaks (including a few cases of for ; see .). However, she shows very few of the features of . Now I’m curious about how the white people in the town speak! The town is clearly in the mountains, so based on it should speak Inland. However, the town also is 12.5% Black according to Wikipedia, suggesting that she speaks Classical only because she belongs to the African American community, and that this tells us nothing about the white dialect. Granted, she herself said that she played more with white kids than black kids when small, but it is also clear from one of the pictures in the video that she attended a segregated school. So we can say nothing with confidence about the white dialect here.

FREE Essay on American Way of Life - Direct Essays

On the linguist describes this dialect as Mat-Su Valley English, after the where it is spoken. James Crippen has now kindly provided me with information that allows me to set its borders fairly accurately. He says that it probably extends no further west than Willow, no farther northeast than Sutton, and is probably dying out in much of the area anyway, because of a continued influx of people from other parts of Alaska.

An essay or paper on American Way of Life

Unlike the previous two clips, all of these speakers, both white and (as expected) black speak Lowland Southern. So what gives? Is there a social class difference among the whites? (See ) I don’t see it: why would veterans be higher class than football coaches and players? It doesn’t make sense. However, it is clear that there are significant numbers of both Inland and Lowland white speakers in this small town, with all of the blacks speaking Lowland. Perhaps one part of the puzzle is that the town was settled well after the Civil War as a coal-mining community (see ), but this factor doesn’t help much either, since all of the other examples of this speak only Lowland! It will have to remain a mystery for now.

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