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Social psychology (psychology)/Assessment/Essay/Marking criteria

Plan study sessions to manage a sequence of work that meets a deadline and complies with relevant academic conventions.
Engage with ethics issues in psychological research.
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24 Thus, J. S. Brown, in commenting on a paper of Harlow’s in Current Theory and Research in Motivation (Lincoln: Univ. of Nebraska Press, 1953), argues that “in probably every instance [of the experiments cited by Harlow] an ingenious drive-reduction theorist could find some fragment of fear, insecurity, frustration, or whatever, that he could insist was reduced and hence was reinforcing” (53). The same sort of thing could be said for the ingenious phlogiston or ether theorist.

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[Level 5 Main Lib; Psychology F570 ABR] APA Publication Manual of the AmericanPsychological Association, Fourth Edition.

As you are asked to consider a broad issue related to the role of technology in the development of psychological research, you may find it helpful to revisit the General Introduction to Investigating Psychology, as well as the Introductions and Conclusions to Parts 1 to 3, and the Final Note. Investigating Methods also contains relevant material. Section 4 of Chapter 6 introduces a way of studying friendship which relies heavily on new digital technologies, and as such supplements well the research you read about in the corresponding chapter of Investigating Psychology. Similarly, Chapter 7 of Investigating Methods (specifically Sections 3 and 4) considers studies on brain function that are less reliant on complex and technologically sophisticated imaging techniques, so you may want to draw on these as you evaluate the role of technology. Feel free to draw on the information from Investigating Methods (and remember to reference it appropriately), but bear in mind that the research examples you draw on should come mainly from the three specified chapters in Investigating Psychology. In other words, you can refer to material from Investigating Methods alongside, but not instead of, examples from Investigating Psychology.

Chapter 7 introduces psychological research on the structure and functions of the brain. Section 4 is especially relevant, as it considers different techniques for studying the brain which have been made possible by advances in technology. However, make sure you revisit other sections, especially Sections 2 and 3, as examples given there are closely related to the essay question and contain important examples that you may want to draw upon. Note, however, that in considering both sides of the argument, you may want to draw on some of the material from Section 5 (as well as some of the audio-visual material linked to Chapter 7), which looks at various interventions used in the treatment of stroke patients, which are much less reliant on sophisticated technology.

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Frontiers in Psychology journal page at PubMed Journals. Published by Frontiers Research Foundation

Careful study of this book (and of the research on which it draws) reveals, however, that these astonishing claims are far from justified. It indicates, furthermore, that the insights that have been achieved in the laboratories of the reinforcement theorist, though quite genuine, can be applied to complex human behavior only in the most gross and superficial way, and that speculative attempts to discuss linguistic behavior in these terms alone omit from consideration factors of fundamental importance that are, no doubt, amenable to scientific study, although their specific character cannot at present be precisely formulated. Since Skinner’s work is the most extensive attempt to accommodate human behavior involving higher mental faculties within a strict behaviorist schema of the type that has attracted many linguists and philosophers, as well as psychologists, a detailed documentation is of independent interest. The magnitude of the failure of this attempt to account for verbal behavior serves as a kind of measure of the importance of the factors omitted from consideration, and an indication of how little is really known about this remarkably complex phenomenon.

Any student aiming to achieve the IB Psychology 7 must start preparing and memorising model answers to each learning outcome preceded with a focusing the student on synthesis and evaluation for one of the Paper 1 topics and each option being studied.

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The flags and the corresponding comments are clarifications of why this is a good example of critical thinking.

Notice in the IB Psychology ERQ that three pieces of research (studies and/or theories) are used to make the argument - but then there are two paragraphs that take a holistic approach to the question.

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As a postgrad, I thought of doingresearch as about having good ideas: but in fact being successful depends onthe quality of my writing both in papers and in grant applications.

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search for papers with"review" in their title, or of course in journals that have "review" intheir title such as Psychological Review.) You can refer to them;but you need a story about how yours is different (newer, different slant,...).

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If you happen to know a site (lab, unit, department) where some of the keyresearch in your topic is done, find it on the web and with luck they willhave a web page listing their papers.(For example you might go: Autism ..

What’s the importance of psychology

Most valuable of all, if you can get it, is word of mouth recommendations notonly of particular papers and books, but of key authors and researchers,journals, and laboratories or other sites where some of the key research isdone.

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Phenomena of this general type are certainly familiar from everyday experience. We recognize people and places to which we have given no particular attention. We can look up something in a book and learn it perfectly well with no other motive than to confute reinforcement theory, or out of boredom, or idle curiosity. Everyone engaged in research must have had the experience of working with feverish and prolonged intensity to write a paper which no one else will read or to solve a problem which no one else thinks important and which will bring no conceivable reward — which may only confirm a general opinion that the researcher is wasting his time on irrelevancies. The fact that rats and monkeys do likewise is interesting and important to show in careful experiment. In fact, studies of behavior of the type mentioned above have an independent and positive significance that far outweighs their incidental importance in bringing into question the claim that learning is impossible without drive reduction. It is not at all unlikely that insights arising from animal behavior studies with this broadened scope may have the kind of relevance to such complex activities as verbal behavior that reinforcement theory has, so far, failed to exhibit. In any event, in the light of presently available evidence, it is difficult to see how anyone can be willing to claim that reinforcement is necessary for learning, if reinforcement is taken seriously as something identifiable independently of the resulting change in behavior.

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