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Islam Religion~ Christianity vs.

What we witness in our time, perhaps as a result of Muslim consciousness of its failure to accommodate itself to the modern world, is an effort to return to a proper reading and practice of its own texts and the mission imposed through them on it. Modern Muslim states have mostly been in fact run by military leaders or royal houses with military support. They were generally able to keep down this religious enthusiasm, while at the same time allowing and enforcing the strict practice of Islamic customs. It is interesting that the present currents of Islamic restoration see such leaders, secularizers, or monarchies as enemies. They seek to change them as well as change the societies in the West.

Like many religions both Islam and Christianity claim to be the one and only true way to God.

At the same time, the authors in this text went a step further than Khan’s work, which chose to focus on the Trinidadian landscape given the editor’s familiarity there, and addressed Latina/or Islam from a hemispheric perspective including transnational linkages and connections between North and Latin America and the Caribbean. By exploring these transnational connections between communities in the USA and Latin America, the borderlands of the Miami Muslim landscape, the hybridity of Muslim practices in Mexico, and digital religious community formation among Trinidadian Muslims, this volume helped move the field forward in considering the ways in which Islam and Muslim lives in Latin America and the Caribbean cannot be imagined, or analyzed, outside of a vast network of connections with Muslims, and non-Muslims, in the American hemisphere and around the globe.

Many Christians saw Islam as a religion of the sword.

In this essay I will inform you of how alike, and different each religion is.

There have been several recent works by scholars that have typified this approach. Many of them deserve mention and thorough review, but I would like to focus on two particular areas of research that have proven promising: that of Islam in Brazil and the Latina/or Muslim community in the USA, which has a significant impact on Islam and Muslim communities throughout the Americas. First, beginning in the early 1990s, news began to appear about an emerging Latina/or Muslim population in the USA. Over the next two decades, articles chronicled the stories of Latina/or Muslims (Aidi , Naili ) and their “reversion.” According to Harold Morales, some 130 publications were written by non-Latina/or Muslims via public media outlets (newspapers, online blogs, magazines, radio shows, TV programs, etc.) between 2001 and 2011. (Morales ) Although this sizable minority within the USA, Muslim population is still nominal when compared to the Latina/or presence in the general public, the media coverage of this Islamic sub-group has been substantial. Furthermore, there has been increased academic attention on the topic and rightly so.

In order to make sense of the global religious landscape in general, and Islam and Muslim communities across the Americas in particular, it is progressively consequential that scholars continue exploring the Latina/or Muslim population in the USA alongside their connections with Asian, Middle Eastern, North African, Latin American, and other communities across the Muslim world. As Lara Dotson-Renta wrote, “The convergence of these trends, as well as the current political realities for Muslims in post-9/11 America, make Latino Muslims a prime example of the tensions and opportunities created by new transnational identities that arise from the ever-increasing cross-cultural encounters that mark the twenty-first century world (Dotson-Renta ).”

Free conclusion between Islam and Christianity Essays …

The two religions have a holy book; Islam uses the Quran while Christians use the bible.

At first sight, this vision of world conquest, in the light of modern prosperity and weapons, seemed absurd. But we did not reckon with the effects of a loss of faith in Christianity. Nor did we at first see itself that also rejected Christianity to embrace a voluntarism not in many ways unlike that of Islam. But even as we see the last stages of ISIS military presence in its remaining outposts in Iraq and Syria, we witness the rise of a more subtle and effective alternative. This newer approach combines bringing terrorism to every major world city with using an alternate democratic means to achieve gradually this goal of submitting the world to Allah.

It is quite true that we find many “peaceful” Muslims who, while retaining certain Muslim practices, do not follow the literal meaning of the call to jihad to conquer the world for Allah by force if necessary. Even here, however, most peaceful Muslims attempt to achieve this same end by peaceful means. Democracy easily becomes a path to first local then more national power. The Muslims who think this way are largely those who find it necessary to adapt themselves to customs not their own at least for a time. The tendency of Islamic immigrants, wherever they gather, is to reinstitute in the new setting, and as soon as possible, the Sharia. They insist that they must be free to live under it no matter what the local laws maintain. The great liberal hope was that of gradually weaning away or secularizing Islam, to “purify” it of these supposed religious aberrations. In practice, the opposite has usually been the case. It is the Western societies that are yielding more and more ground to a determined Islam now firmly settled within their confines

Islam in general considers itself to be a universal religion at its purest form.
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Christianity and islam - UK Essays | UKEssays

Christanity, Islam, and Judaism are three of the most closely related religions in the world because they all see Abraham and other patriarcal figures in the bible as their spirtual ansestors....

Essay: Islam and Christianity - Essay UK Free Essay Database

We cannot or will not imagine a multi-centuries long endeavor to carry out an essentially religious mission, one bearing its own intellectual rationale, that of subjecting the world to the law and will of Allah. We are reluctant to see any concerted endeavor to undermine and take over our civilization. It’s too preposterous. Yet, more and more, we hear frank analyses, based on demography and fear, that this conquest at least of Europe, or parts of Europe, is not too far off, some say in a decade or two. And when it happens, the cause of this conquest will not be because of any initial lack of police or military power. It will be the result of a failure to understand the historic mission of Islam in this world, a failure caused largely by projecting our own ideas on a world, rather than understanding what this world is saying of itself.

Islam and modern science essay conclusion

João José Reis does well to instead argue for maintaining the tension between these alternative explanations and instead argues that it was the networks that existed across, and between, African ethnic and religious communities that allowed for Africans of various ethnicities and religious affiliations took part in the revolt. Principally, he contends that limiting the rebellion’s causes to solely religious or ethnic factors does little to show the myriad forces at work that helped these slaves form communities of social solidarity across religious, ethnic, and even class lines in the Bahian slave society. Unpacking, and analyzing, eyewitness accounts from Brazilian, French, and English sources, Reis produces the most complete picture of that night of rebellion, its aftermath, and effect to date. As such, Reis’s work is a critical historical analysis that serves as an interpretive interlude that shifts the historiography of Latin American and Brazilian slavery on the one hand and Islam and Muslim communities in Latin America and Brazil on the other. By placing emphasis on both slave agency and the Bahian social setting—specifically the importance of a plurality of African ethnic identities in interaction with Muslim identities—Reis inspires future scholars in two directions: first, to bore down into particular histories, narratives, and geographies and second, to view Islam and Muslim lives as set within a constellation of cultural, social, and political factors. Indeed, his work invites further exploration of other slave rebellions and the overlapping roles of religion, society, and culture in other places and spaces throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, and the American hemisphere.

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In Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas, Sylviane Diouf performed ground-breaking research to show how Islam has deep roots across the Americas (Diouf ). Attempting to show continuity across the hemisphere and over time Diouf situates Islam as a significant aspect of African-Atlantic heritage by tracing stories across the Atlantic from Africa to the Americas and the difficulties of capture, enslavement, transport, sale, and Muslims’ various survival tactics, literacies, insubordination, religious traditions, and artifacts, all while is connecting these to various networks both within, and outside, the slave community itself. This text is seminal in the development of the field as it not only brought together multiple narratives that had been mentioned here and there in scholarly works, but in that it opened up new avenues for investigation and exploration. Its greatest interjection into the field is that it brought to light the role of Islam and Muslims in the region and illustrated how the religion left its mark on certain cultural, political, and religious traditions and institutions in the Americas, even though the religion did not survive in a concrete form. What it started to hint at, as well, was that “Islam” and “Muslims” in Latin America and the Caribbean could not be understood as a monolithic block, but must be understood according to their own historical, cultural, and geographical contexts in Africa as well.

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