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Np School Entrance Essay | Nurse Practitioners 101

5. The Parents’ Voice member Daud Ismail and Heather Leung have written to the Burnaby School Trustees & Superintendent Morelli requesting a postponement of the June 3rd, 2011 deadline for draft policy 5.45 submissions, citing the fact that students and parents cannot address the specific objectives and administrative regulations contained in the draft policy until the Board of Trustees provides full disclosure. The Parents’ Voice members have made a reasonable suggestion that the deadline be extended to 90 days after the Board releases the requested information.

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However, changes are not limited to this one course. Thebulletin also states that the province “will also establish a process andschedule to review the B.C. educational curriculum to ensure that it reflectsinclusion and respect for the diverse groups that today make up B.C.’spopulation.”

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Many parents are fearful that organizations such as “Gay-Straight Alliances,” which would operate within the schools, could drag students into a life-style that the parents regard as dangerous morally, psychologically, and physically. There is considerable evidence that tendencies to homosexual behaviour can be brought on by environmental factors. Frankly, parents are concerned that such clubs, influenced by the messages of homosexuals, may lead young people into a life-style of perilous sexual experimentation.

From California
Capitol Resource Institute

The History and Danger of AB 606

[Note: Compare this California bill with the move to compel BritishColumbia schools to carry pro-homosexuality materials. See article entitled "Corren Case Moves Forward."]

AB 606 (D-Levine) was recently amended to require broad-sweeping changes toindoctrinate school children concerning homosexual, bisexuality andtranssexuality.

As amended, AB 606 would require California school districts to take specifiedactions to increase awareness and prevent incidences of discrimination andharassment based on actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender. It wouldalso require curriculum read by young school children to contain information onaccepting and embracing these various forms of sexuality.

If a school district fails to comply with the provisions in AB 606, the statesuperintendent has carte blanche discretion to withhold state-funding from thatschool district.

In order for you to understand exactly how disastrous AB 606 really is, you needto know a little background information.

AB 606 builds on AB 537, the California Student Safety and Violence PreventionAct of 2000 (SSVPA).

AB 537 added two new forms of discrimination (actual or perceived sexualorientation and actual or perceived gender) to the list of discriminationprohibited in California's public schools. In the spring of 2000, Superintendentof Public Instruction Delaine Eastin established the AB 537 Advisory Task Forceto identify, research, and recommend guidelines for implementing the SSVPA. Thegoal was to ensure that "AB 537 did not become another law that sat on abookshelf."

AB 606 is an effort to codify (make mandatory) some of the more outrageous AB537 Task Force recommendations.

The AB 537 Task Force recommended that resources are used to "createpositive, grade-appropriate visual images that include all sexual orientationsand gender identities for use in school common areas throughout the schoolyear."

The Task Force also recommended that public schools "acknowledge lesbian,gay, bisexual, and transgender historical figures and related events, concepts,and issues in the revisions of content standards and curriculum frameworks, whenappropriate."

Additionally, it recommended that public schools "identify and expand theavailable lesbian, gay, bisesxual, and transgender resources for school librarymaterials."

These specific goals are satisfied by AB 606.

AB 606 would repeal current provisions in the law that keep curriculum frombeing forced on school districts in order to advance SSVPA objectives. In otherwords, AB 606 would mandate that curriculum and classroom time be used to teachchildren to embrace homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality.

AB 606 would require all public schools to do what is currently being done atSan Leandro High School in the Bay Area.

At San Leandro High School, a rainbow-flag poster, with pink triangles and othersymbols of homosexual pride, and containing a pro-homosexual message, has beenordered to be posted in all classrooms. Five teachers have protested, based ontheir religious convictions. This has resulted in a standoff between theseteachers and the school administration.

Pushing homosexual indoctrination on young children is being packaged and soldin the name of "preventing violence." No one wants incidences ofviolence to occur on school campus. Violence is never acceptable on publicschool grounds. AB 606, however, goes beyond addressing violence on schoolcampus.

If the goal were simply to prevent violence, legislation could be enacted toensure that public school administrators promptly address all incidences ofviolence when they occur, regardless of what they are about.

AB 606 is not about safe schools, it's about molding and shaping the minds ofyoung children to accept various forms of sexuality regardless of what theirparents or religious beliefs tell them.

AB 606 will surely conflict with parental rights and the religious beliefs ofboth parents and students.

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As well, a new group, , has started meeting with local school boards to protestwhat it sees as the basic unfairness of giving a special interest group a say inthe education of their children.

Few parents send their kids to school to be force-fed pro-homosexualmessages day in and day out. Yet, that's exactly what's happening in anincreasing number of schools across the nation. How are gay activists gettingaround parents and into America's classrooms?

To find out, I attended a conference sponsored by one of the nation's largestgay-advocacy groups -- the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)-- which boasts of having more than 3,000 pro-homosexual clubs in middle andhigh schools. The April 29 event was presented by GLSEN's Boston chapter.

Particularly interesting was a workshop led by GLSEN's national communicationdirector, Joshua Lamont, who gave talking points on how to overcome"resistance from various stakeholders."

It quickly became clear who these troublesome "stakeholders" were --parents and school board members who dared to oppose the gay agenda. While GLSENpublicly claims to respect "every member of the school community,"privately it's holding training sessions on how to undermine the members withthe most vested interest in public education -- taxpaying moms and dads, and thepeople they've elected to represent them.

"We need to take the power back," Lamont told the audience.

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I would use a few real-life experiences in your admissions essays from your volunteer/ shodowing/ interview experiences that show you understand the NP role and why these experiences make you feel like you are perfect for the NP profession. Using a concrete example to demonstrate your point is always a good bet. For example, you could say something along the lines of "When interviewing a nurse practitioner to learn more about his/her day-to-day responsibilities I discovered he/she plays a significant role in providing healthcare to children through a local vaccine program. As someone who enjoys working with children I plan to one day work in a similar setting" etc.

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“We can take a lesson from what’s happening in British schools because the very same trends are mirrored in our own nation’s public school system," said Candi Cushman, education analyst at Focus on the Family Action.

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The number one, numero uno, highest priority, top thing admissions staff are looking to see in your personal statement and other application essay responses is that you . If you mention you want to become a nurse practitioner because you "couldn't get into medical school", you won't be accepted to an NP program either.

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