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Multicultural Britain Essay - 523 Words

In this essay it will be analyzed how multiculturalism applies in the movie East is East, what are the problems that arise in this movie and how they can be solved, going through a deep analysis of causes of the conflicts raised applying opinions from critics like Pnina Werbner and Sara Ahmed....

I studied the meaning of multiculturalism earlier, but in a less general setting.

Ingeneral, it finds fault with little in most cultures - the exception beingthe actual nation of America, which is usually portrayed as an oppressive,racist, sexist, homophobic nation with few redeeming qualities."(47)

Much the same can be said for Australia: Multiculturalists continuously denigrateand attack Australia's way of life - our culture - (as well as attackingthat of other Westernised countries, in particular those of the English-speakingworld) but rarely do they attack the cultures of foreign peoples (especiallythose of the Third World).

An Introduction To Multiculturalism The Concept Sociology Essay

In terms of education, multiculturalism is becoming increasingly disruptive in Canadian society.

Ayatollah Khomeini's fatyah upon Salman Rushdie forwriting the novel).

- Women grabbed from the streets and re-clothed (to cover up any "unseemly"exposed flesh) by the roving patrols of hardline Muslim women.

- In law courts: Two women witnesses being required to counter the evidenceof one Muslim man; rape victims only being able to prove their cases if theycan produce four male Muslim witnesses.

- Females being barred from higher education and from most occupations.

- Teenage girls being given up to 70 lashes for not covering their hair inpublic.

- Jail for drinking alcohol.

With the already sizeable Muslim presence in Australia; with continued massimmigration; with Muslim recruitment of their fellow "ethnics": it is nothard to picture a scenario where a future Australia has become a Muslim country.

Phillip Ruthven, Directorof Ibis Business Information, has forecast a "neo-Eurasian nation" by 2010,turning "Eurasian" by mid-century, and becoming "Asian" at the end of thenext century (only three to four generations away).(68)

It would appear that our cultural future may be determined by the levelsof Asian immigration we are likely to receive over the next few generations;that Australia may well end up with an "Asian Future", which ironically maypreclude the "Truly Multicultural Future" envisioned by some.

Australia has a large and growing Muslim population.

Culture And Multicultural Education Education Essay

But will this demand for a "multicultural center of learning" produce a less prejudiced society.

What is it that will ultimately hold us all together?".(46)

Cultural relativism is not only sheer folly, it is plain idiocy.

It is also interesting to note the words of Rush Limbaugh (publicised as"America's #1 radio talk-show host"): "One of the main vehicles used by liberalsto attempt to de-legitimize "all that remains of national culture" for Americais multiculturalism.

Tothis end "General education at primary and secondary level now includesmulticultural study programmes", for which it has been recommended that "generalcurriculum be re-examined and that Multicultural emphasis be reflectedin all subject areas" (emphasis added).(43)

It is through political agitation and action, via the power of governmentpolicies and resources - and supported by liberal-internationalists in themedia and the education system, that multiculturalism has become the dominantideology, which is now being forced upon modern Australia.

Multiculturalism needs to be recognised for what it is: apolitical ideology.

Many multiculturalists promote the idea of cultural relativism, i.e.

"Multiculturalism and Its Implications for Education", in:, AGPS, Canberra, 1984, pp.
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Multiculturalism in canada - Essay UK

Some of the issues under fire are the political state's policies concerning multiculturalism, the attitudes of Canadians around these policies, immigration, the global market, and a central point is the education and how to present the material in a way so as to offend the least amount of people....

Essay UK, Multiculturalism in canada

Yu describes present-day Vancouver as ‘a global city that is one stop within the Pacific world, with two-thirds of male Canadians of Hong Kong origin between the ages of 25 and 40 living and working outside Canada.’ For these Pacific trotters, Canada is a place in which alien businessmen have equal rights to make use of its better educational opportunities, exploit advanced medical treatment, and avoid the pollution they create back home. Coming from a background in which corruption is endemic with officials operating like Mafia dons, regularly embezzling funds and sending the money to family members abroad, these migrants covet Canada’s fresher pastures. A 2011 survey showed that more than half of China’s millionaires are either considering emigrating or have already completed their immigration applications, of which 37 per cent of the respondents wanted to emigrate to Canada.

Multiculturalism in england essay - VillagePashmina

Danforth, a Professor of Anthropology, has stated,"Multiculturalism, with its emphasis on community languages and ethnic media,promotes the development of these ethnic identities and impedes the developmentof a strong Australian national identity."(12) However, rather than beingjust an impediment, the long term results are actually destructive of theAustralian national identity.

If this attack on Australia's heritage was being carried out by liberals,academics, and "lefties" only in their capacity as private individuals orgroups, then we would not have too much to worry about as they are a minorityopinion on the subject.

Multiculturalism In The Uk Essay - ONYC® Hair Nigeria

It is during theformative years of our young children that they are heavily indoctrinatedby the education system into believing in multiculturalism (such indoctrinationbeing made by both subtle means and overt means).

Essay Multiculturalism in Canada

Australia's culture is beingundermined by the effects of the continual push for multiculturalism (especiallyin our educational institutions); we are now being taught to see ourselvesas "ethnics", rather than Australians, and this cannot help but to adverselyaffect our national cultural output and development.

The aim of this two-pronged attack is simple: no more Australians!

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